As Love…


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Monday Madness: As Love…

“I want to eat the sunbeam flaring in your lovely body… ”
— Pablo Neruda

I want to try something a little different today. I want to offer the following as if you were my lover… whether you are single or married. I want to offer the following words to you as if you were the woman in my life. Sure, we may never meet, but perhaps today you can feel your heart through mine.

You look for love all the time. But it is only when you go deeply into your heart that you feel love. The reason for this is that essentially you are love.

Try to feel that statement in your body for a second before you analyze it.

Think about it: people say they are angry, sad, lonely, bored, but you hardly ever hear someone say, I am love. The above quote from one of my favorite Neruda poems is a powerfully erotic statement. Love radiates from you like a light – like a “sunbeam flaring in your lovely body.” This light/ energy flows through you and you yearn to offer yourself completely. Your heart’s natural state is that it wants to give and receive love fully. This is your heart’s essence.

Love is openness and it is this openness that everybody’s heart craves. Lover: You are this love. You are alive as love, and your entire existence yearns to live as this love, to surrender to love – and to be seen as the love that you truly are.

I know you long to be taken and opened, all the while surrendering blissfully, so that every moment you experience is on fire as the radiance of the passion of love, as an offering to your divine heart’s devotion.

You build walls and offer false clues in an effort to create safety in your relationships. There’s a fortress around your heart and an accumulated tension in your body. And yes, while these walls give you that sense of safety you seek, over time they act as cocoons of fear that blocks the radiant flow of your love. These cocoons can serve to keep in the love you so desperately want to offer and keep out the love your heart craves.

The secret to opening your heart and receiving its most profound bliss is to give and receive fully. There’s no holding back with love. Romantic love isn’t for wimps. You have to love fully, caution thrown to the wind. Love fully, with or without a man. You’re confused, you say? Instead of depending on a man and hiding behind the walls of your accumulated disappointments, you can learn to open fully – open your body. Open your body as if it were this one big heart, vulnerable but also powerful – throbbing with the radiance of love’s life-force.

It is this state of open radiance that will be your gift to the world and also serve to attract and keep a worthy man capable of equaling your own heart’s desire.

Come back, don’t analyze this, sweetie. Come back in this moment and tell me: are you living and breathing as open love this very moment? Are you breathing with the same open pleasure you would if my body were pressing against yours in a tender embrace? Or is your breath and body tense with fear of survival and a profound sense of separation?

Take this, if you take anything at all today: whether you are alone or in a relationship, your spirituality and sexuality requires that you live daily in heart-openness – in this state of whole-body bliss – or else you will shrivel like a plant that has not been watered.




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