Sunday Sermon (January 13, 2008)

Hola Everybody,
I’m out the door… BTW, sometimes I love drunken bootie calls/ emails LOL!

Today… Three for the price of one…

* * *

Sunday Sermon

“If God lived on Earth, people would break his windows.”
— Yiddish saying

If Jesus were on 360, someone would be blasting about his little weenie, or some other inane bullshit. Honestly, people: anyone who finds 360 drama that entertaining doesn’t have a life.


That’s one…

* * *

I detest chain emails. And not just because they’re a huge waste of time, but because people who send those utterly sappy, idiotic and often untrue things are seeking to exonerate themselves from action. Instead of clicking a fuckin’ mouse in order to feel good, why don’t you try the following instead: the next time someone does a good deed for you, do ten good deeds. Do as in act, not click.

That’s two…

* * *

“The secret of a warrior is that he believes without believing… to just believe would just exonerate him from examining his situation. A warrior, whenever he has to involve himself with believing, does it as a choice.”
— Don Juan Matus (Carlos Castaneda)

I’m almost afraid to post this one, but I think some people will benefit. Others might use it to torture themselves, caveat emptor (“buyer beware”).

Carlos Castaneda’s Yaqui teacher Don Juan illustrated an exercise that he called recapitulation. I’d read about it a long time ago, and had forgotten it. However, as part of my step work, I do a similar exercise at the end of my day.

At the end of your day, place your chin on your right shoulder. Very slowly swing it until it’s resting on your left shoulder. As you do this, review the significant events of the day in chronological order. Don’t do this as a way to relive or justify your actions of the day.

If you do this with an open mind and heart, you will uncover habitual patterns, perhaps even see future developments, and confront your rigid belief systems (as in: I’m always right). This exercise is meant as a conscious effort to transcend your defense mechanisms and perhaps get a glimpse of who you are.

I would add that when you find you have acted wrongly or unwisely simply admit it. Don’t waste time defending it, just admit it.

Alternatively, alternatively, you can ignore all this and wait until your tits are hanging by your belly button or your shit doesn’t get hard anymore and you’re passing yourself off as some young stud or diva on the internet.

Either way, you’re gonna haveta jump over this ma’fucca sooner or later.

That’s three…




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