Self Development

Hola Everybody!

I’m being lazy… This one’s a repost. Baby Girl (Jen)!! This one’s less than a mouse scroll! LOL

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“It doesn’t happen all at once… You become. It takes a long time.”

— Margery Williams

I think that the main reason for living is waking up and becoming real. If we have direction, we’re moving from the external controls of image and worrying about the opinions of others, to the inner controls of honesty, listening deeply, and nurturing genuine relationships.

In short, if we’re truly living, we’re in the process of shedding the games and old lifestyle of “Macho/a,” “Hero/ine,” or “Poor Me.”

In the place of the old surface or skin, we have to develop a relationship with ourselves — becoming more aware of emotions, of need for rest, of violations of our values. Sometimes it is true that change can come in a flash of insight or a moment of piercing awareness. It’s like the flash of lightning in the dark of night: what was once shrouded in darkness becomes momentarily illuminated. But more often changes comes a little at a time.

We put in the “inner work,” listening to our inner voice of healing, and we keep returning, little by little, to contact with something more powerful than the ego-driven “mini me.” As we get closer to our friends and loved ones, we become more real to ourselves.

What happens is that as we awaken, we realize that we were always real; we were merely looking in the wrong places.




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