Self Respect

¡Hola! Everybody,
How is a grown man going to get his feelings hurt if, after continually using prejudicial and sexist language, the object of his derision responds in kind? In other words, if you’re going “white bitch” this and white bitch that, then how in the world you’re gonna call the race card if she calls you a nigger? Fuck that. As far as I’m concerned the young lady was within her right.

Mind you, I’m not into all that, but I believe that you get what you put out.

When I was growing up, we had a term, “table pimp.” Table pimps were guys who tried to put up a front that they were all that but were still living with their mothers. The only stroll they were pimpin’ was their mother’s kitchen table (pass the peas, sis!). I still use the term for guys with over-inflated egos. There are a lot of “men” here like that. They try to present a façade on 360 that’s “all hat and no herd.”

I’m amazed the extent to which some women here on the internet (especially on 360) allow these table pimps to demean them with misogynistic language. I mean, I’m a huge flirt and I definitely trespass boundaries, but ladies! You have to start holding these punks to a standard.


If you allow these boys (because that’s what they are) to treat you like shit, then please stop writing those “men ain’t shit/ there are no real men left/ I can’t find a real man” bullshit blogs. Start holding these men accountable for their words and deeds and the losers will fall by the wayside, where the women that want to be saviors, (“he’s really a nice guy inside”), in their quest for more pain will no doubt pick them up.

And the shit is, some of these guys look like shit! LOL! I mean, I can understand making a fool of yourself for something physical, but these guys look like shit, can’t write worth a damn, and are abusive. Now that’s some ironic shit right there. Who said women are more emotionally in tune?

And this is isn’t the exception to the rule, it’s the norm. Women on here subjecting themselves to abuse by table pimps. What kind of fuckin sense does that make?

Only on the fuckin internet… SMDH

And don’t get it twisted, I have no problems getting a date, or connecting with women here or on the internet. I’m just simply blown away to the extent that women allow themselves to be degraded.

Go ahead, flame me!

* * *

“Within everyman there is the reflection of a woman, and within every woman there is a reflection of a man. Within every man and woman there is also the reflection of an old man and an old woman, a little boy and a little girl.”

— Hyemeyohsts Storm

The Cheyenne teaching above serves to remind us of our connections — inside ourselves and with other people. Reading this passage, we are seeing it partly with the eyes of that small child who first learned to read. Perhaps, looking in the mirror today, we can see traces of the old people we are becoming.

Over time, we have been close to our mothers or fathers or sisters or brothers and lovers and have found parts of ourselves in them. By gently becoming the children we once were, the old persons we will be, the part of us that has a woman’s or man’s outlook, we become wiser, stronger, more spiritual.

As men, we don’t need to be frightened or disrespectful of the parts of ourselves that don’t feel 100% “macho.” Similarly for the women: you don’t need to feel inadequate about the parts of yourselves that don’t feel 100% feminine. We can come to the awareness of our complete selves apart from social conditioning, and aware of our interconnectedness to one another. Such awareness creates peace within ourselves.

Try to notice the reflection of small children in old faces, old people in children’s faces, and men and women in each other.




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