"Your Head Demands… "

¡Hola! Everybody,
It’s a lovely day today in The Center of the Known Universe. I plan to do what I enjoy most: walk through the throngs of people – alone yet surrounded by humanity. What a joy it would be to share this mundane pleasure with you…

Hope you all are well, rested, and happy…

* * *

Now [no. 17]

Your head demands
a new equation every time.

One moment
your flexed eyelids
proclaim your mind a vault,
and the final click
of those tumblers is deafening.

Sometimes you give way,
flaking rust like the cliché
of a complaining screen door
unaware of its transparency.

But just now –
this very moment –
I dipped gingerly into
your tender and muddled mind
as into a warm bath
to muse a while,
restore myself.
and soak.

— Edward-Yemíl Rosario ©


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