The Freaks Come out at Night

¡Hola! Everybody,
Today I turn my attention to the roaches.

::turns on 360 lights and stomps a few::

I will be in prison all day, so ya’ll be nice! LOL

* * *

The ‘Net Roaches Come out at Night
(or How to rid Yourself of the

Sometimes I have to literally shake my head at some of the shit that goes on out here in 360 land – publicly! I mean, as an example I have witnessed people meet, fuck each other and then blog about the details when they realize they don’t like each other, or one played the other.

You see the blasts.

As a man, I would never post intimate details of what I do with a woman, and I would be appalled if one of the bunny boilers around here would post details of our love-making.

And it’s not just here on 360, you find this particular form of behavior almost anywhere on the internet. As in other areas of our culture, it seems that the lowest common denominator is the norm.

It’s the crab mentality that I’ve written about previously (click here)

There is really only one person I chat with via IM and occasionally I’ll log onto my yahoo account (as invisible). I have a list of contacts, just like anyone else, and I can tell you that there are people who are always online! I can guarantee you that you can log on at any time of day or night and certain individuals here on 360 are there visible! I don’t know about you, but if I leave myself visible on chat, I get inundated with messages. But these people are online visible

24/ 7!

360 is ostensibly a blogging site, but it’s a blogging site in which almost no one blogs. Don’t get me wrong, we’re all here for different reasons and my reason isn’t superior to anyone else’s. In addition, there are people who post and people who read. But I see people who have almost never posted a blog.

Wait! That’s not true!

These non-blogging bloggers post blogs when they want to share the intimate details of some sexual encounter they came upon via 360 or some other site. Especially if that encounter didn’t satisfy their ego needs. Then it becomes about someone’s smelly poosie, or some poor slob’s total lack in cunnilingus skills, or that someone has bad breath, is out of shape, or some such infantile information. This from adults who never tire of posting profound and deep quotes on their blasts. People should read the shit they post. LOL

Others consider this a form of entertainment. It’s as if many of these people are rejects from the Jerry Springer show: because their lives couldn’t sell a roll of toilet paper, let alone interest jerry’s producers, they come here and make fools of themselves for everyone to see.

You see, that’s the motivation: the knowledge that they can attract attention from literally thousands of people, as if they were on TV. That’s the main reason people act the fool on the ‘net. And there a lot of people who will excoriate me for pointing out how stupid and utterly lacking in humor and interest all this is. It’s actually tiring just thinking about it. In this way, these social networking venues devolve into a forum where people come, make fun of each other, and laugh at people with boundary issues. It’s like scouting for auto accidents as a form of entertainment.

Then there are the women who allow men here to treat them like shit and come back for more! Of course, these very same women would spit at you if you questioned their self-esteem. But these are the women who defend known wife beaters on their friends’ list! LMAOOO!

There are people here who have lost their jobs for being online too much, folks. Now that shit ain’t funny. I mean, it ain’t funny to me, that shit is sad. And I haven’t even touched on the fakes.

Which brings me to the reason why I’m on my soap box today. I recently posted about my friend Emily’s trip to Africa. It was a month-long humanitarian trip. She recently posted a blog about her experiences there, along with photos. In the blog, she stated that she posted pictures taken from a website and even offered a link to the website. Now, Mo – we all know the class clown – has made this into a “prove to me you really went to Africa” drama. I mean, even the drama here has sunk to a new low.

Mo: is this the best you can do these days? I mean, I used to say you were a clown, but at least you were entertaining in a sick kinda/ sorta way. I even held a grudging respect for your drama antics and the way you could tear an individual apart.

Shit, posting about your sexual dalliances with 360 women and then making fun of them is the height of the Jerry Springer/ Crab mentality and I’ll even go so far as to admit that I looked at the car accidents that were your blogs and laughed, albeit guiltily. But this thing with Emily has been going on for years now. First it was that she was a fake and someone here was going to “prove” it. That never panned out but that individual was able to put the seed of doubt about Emily. Face it, she was hatin’ on Emily and made herself look da fool in the process.

As it turns out that person is certifiable (aren’t we all?) and probably boiling a bunny as I type this, but that’s neither here nor there. The issue is that even if Emily were to “prove” she went to Africa, you and some others here would still find some other shit to “get” her on. It’s a catch 22 game that’s, well tired. Minor league Drama queens stoop that way, but I expect better from you.

But that’s not what bothers me. What bothers me is how you have allowed Emily to rent all that space in your head. I used to look up to your Drama Queen skills and now? I dunno. A real drama queen doesn’t allow people in their heads.

There’s a thin line between a true Drama Queen and a Roach!


Emily? Fuck these people. Don’t post shit. Don’t fall into playing their game and just know that you’re a major renter in Mo’s head. No matter what you do, it will never be enough for the afflicted. In any case, your blog should’ve sparked a discussion about the issues and not about juvenile drama. That some people missed the boat on that is a reflection of their level of interaction and not anything about you.




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