What Really Matters

¡Hola! Everybody,
First, let me thank everybody who took the time and consideration to wish me a happy birthday. I’m a stickler for the little things and I take shit like that seriously. It’s all in the details, people. And while talk is easy, it’s the actions that effectively express love and compassion. For me, love is an action word, not a feeling. Feelings are easy too. Anyone can feel love – shit, my landlord’s dog sometimes looks as if he feels love for me.

I guess that’s one reason relationships are hard. Truthfully speaking, I’d rather not be bothered. I’d rather live my life and not be worried about someone else’s needs – really. I too often feel like not making that call, or writing that note, or making that extra effort. That shit is work! LOL But if I care, if I truly care… I make the extra effort. Of course it’s easier to succumb to the inertia and not act than it is to stretch one’s self – that’s why it’s called relating.

It’s harder to leave the comfort zone of everyday banality. But it is precisely those moments – when we divert from the everyday blah blah blah bullshit – that add up to give our lives meaning.

So thanks everybody – really.

As for those who didn’t?!! I’m kicking ya’ll to the curb! LMAOOO!

When I was growing up, my father encouraged me to read the biographies of great people. One common thread I discovered is that people who have changed the way we live and think — who created beautiful music and art, wrote the great novels and invented great things – all share a couple of things. One is that for the most part, cliques – what I call “the rabble” and sometimes roaches – never got along with great people. In fact, the rabble often incarcerated, punished, and derided and sometimes even murdered some of the greatest human beings to ever walk the earth.

So if you find yourself as part of a crowd casting judgment at an individual, please know that you ain’t really shit. You’re just a follower.

I decided to go away today – going to hang out with a friend by the water’s edge. Leaving the cellphone and laptop behind and reflect, ponder, meditate.

I hope you all have a pleasant weekend!





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