Celibacy and Unreasonable Happiness

¡Hola! Everybody…
So… As soon as I post yesterday’s blog who do I get a text from? LOL! Yup! The Ex from Boston
is coming to The Center of the Known Universe on a visit. Of course, her reason is not to visit me, but “it would be great” for us to re-connect (no pun intended). I honestly think I am her “in-between man. I’m the person she reaches out to in-between “relationships” during the extended drama of her serial monogamy.

Oh yeah, she sent a photo along with the text.

In addition, the 25-year-old I put on relationship pause called and left a heartfelt VM after initially giving me the cold shoulder.

It seems my self-imposed celibacy is danger…

The thing is I have stopped dating women under 30. My cut-off date used to be 25, but that’s changed. I took pleasure in teasing The Ex from Boston that she’s past my age limit (she’s 27), until I realized she actually thinks she’s getting old.


For those wondering why I don’t date closer to my age, I’ll just say that women in my age group don’t get me at all and I’m not trying to help them “get it.” I just don’t attract older women. And please, don’t even try to go there with me: Age doesn’t equate to maturity and sometimes comes with baggage and trauma…Now, those supposedly insatiably horny 30-40-year-olds? Where are they?!! LOL!

Today it’s short and sweet – a repost I felt worthy of bringing out again. I first posted it about a year ago…

* * *

Unreasonable Happiness

I don’t know how many times I’ve seen the book – hundreds of times, most likely. But for some reason I never picked it up, it sounded hokey: Way of the Peaceful Warrior: A Book that Changes Lives, By Dan Millman.

Yeah right…

Then for some reason I bought it a few months ago and it is a great book – a classic actually. It’s been made into a movie staring Nick Nolte. It’s a rare pleasure to read the works of men and women who have actually realized genuine spiritual growth. You can tell when someone is coming from the conviction of their experiences. This is one of those books. I wholeheartedly recommend it.

Here is what I think is its essential message:

Wake up! If you knew for certain that you had a terminal illness – if you had little time left to live – you would waste precious little of it! Well, I’m telling you… — you do have a terminal illness: It’s called birth. You don’t have more than a few years left. No one does! So be happy now, without reason – or you will never be at all… Happiness is not just something you feel – it is who you are… Feelings change… Sometimes sorrow, sometimes joy. But beneath it all remember the innate perfection of your life unfolding. That is the secret of unreasonable happiness.





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