Sunday Sermon (August 17, 2008)

¡Hola! Everybody…
Anyone interested in hearing yours truly kicking it “live, I took part as a panelist on the radio show, On the Count (on Pacifica’s WBAI). The topic, “Latino/s and Criminal Justice” offered much grist for the mill for what turned out to be a wide-ranging conversation. In fact, the host Eddie Ellis wants to do a follow-up show because we only began to scratch the surface. (I’ve uploaded the show to Multiply.)

I’ve provided the links and if you live in the NYC metro area and do not tune into WBAI you’re missing out on a treasure. WBAI accepts no corporate funding and because of that, you will hear news analysis that you will not hear on the bought-and-sold mainstream media. In addition, it has some of the best, commercial-free music programs on the dial — everything from gospel to jazz to salsa. There are shows on alternative medicine, pets, healthy eating — it’s all there.

(Click here to visit On the Count’s page)

(Click here to visit WBAI’s page)

I’m headed to the beach as soon as I finish this post. I wish you all the very best…

* * *

-=[ Who Are You ]=-

“The ego is your belief.
The ego is confusion in identification.”

— A Course in Miracles

Before I get into the meat of today’s “sermon,” I would like to make an observation. I find it ironic how equally evangelical religious fundamentalists and radical atheists sound. Personally, I could give a flying fawk if there’s some Great Father in the Sky God. It doesn’t matter to me. What matters is what I’m doing here and now. All that Great God in The Sky debate crap?

Mental Masturbation.

That’s all it is.

::blank stare::

Okay! Now that I feel better, on to my rant… LOL

In many ways, the greatest source of our suffering is that we have forgotten out true identify. We see ourselves as traveling through time and space and that our “identity” is who we think we are now. You believe this identity – an identity you have created as a defense mechanism – is real. Some of you even think it’s your soul and that this “soul” is reborn.

I’m going to put it simply: as long as you believe in this false concept, you will suffer and suffer a lot. Imagine having to go through life defending this “me” you have created. Do you realize how many times this me will be insulted? Have you recognized how powerless and resentful this little “me” feels most of the time?

The little me – what I call the “mini me” – sees itself as a victim half the time. You’re a victim of the world, confined to this bag of flesh, alone and separated from others, the universe, and even your God (remember your God in the sky somewhere?). Sure, some of you inflate a mini me construct and attempt to call that self-love, but in actuality, you’re only an egomaniac with low self-esteem.

Some of you are so narcissistic that you actually believe in a God that will send your mini me a “soulmate”! Think about this people – please stop and think about this for just one minute. If there is an angry old bearded guy up there in the sky somewhere and he has the power to send “you” a soulmate, I need to have a sit down with that ma’fucca cause his freakin’ priorities are all screwed up. I mean, like, there’s AIDS, meaningless wars, children dying of hunger in a world of unprecedented abundance and he’s got nothing better to do but send you a fawken’ mate? I’m not even gonna do a ::blank stare:: on that! LOL!

That’s the pinnacle of conceit, AFAIC.

You silly, selfish, self-centered ma’fucca!

Okay, I’m veering off a little here, but I had to let that one loose too! LOL!

The fact of the matter is that as soon as your lover leaves you, you will fall apart like a house of cards. The wound of the mini me is too great and you feel too small and alone to withstand even the smallest of life’s vicissitudes.

The tragedy of our reality is that we are powerful beyond anything we’ve imagined. As a species, we have only begun to realize our inherent power. And, no, I’m not referring to your mini me. Your mini-me is small and weak. NO, I’m referring to an awakening that brings you to the realization of something larger than this made up self-concept. Your mini me, or what Western psychology calls ego, is quite literally a product of a fear-based thought. Break free of that fear and you enter a universe of unlimited potential.




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