Hatin’ Ain’t Easy…

¡Hola! Everybody…
Merry Creeeka! (<– ya’ll non-Nuyoricans won’t get that… ).

FOCK! I have a lot of work to do today! Under the gun, here folks.

OK! So this young lady and I finally got up enough courage to meet with each other. I’ve been flirting with her for a bout two years. I called her once, but when she didn’t return my call, I was, like, movin on (that’s how I roll, I don’t be beggin, my momma would slap the taste out of mouth). Anyway, she invited me to her house for Noche Buena yesterday and I accepted. I’m getting her flowers, but I know she has a seven-year-old girl and would like to get the little wench something. Nothing too ostentatious, just a token of my appreciation for the Christmas bootie I hope mommie gives me.


Any suggestions from the ladies?

* * *

-=[ Hatin’ ]=-

“Courage is simply the willingness to be afraid and act anyway.”

— Robert Anthony (1916–)

I think we all know what is meant by the popular use of the word hatin’. Hatin’, in the vernacular is somewhat like envy or the state of being envious. Why you hatin’ on me cuz the girls like me? An individual might ask a poosie-blocking man. You know those doods — they were the guys who would stick around in high school hookie parties even though they knew you and the shawtie wanted to make out.

Hatin’ because he couldn’t kiss her.

Those are probably the same doods that hang around blogs trying to foment unrest because they’re still feelin’ no love from women.

That’s one type of hate — or the practice of hatin’. Then there’s the classical definition of hate: an intense and oftentimes irrational dislike for another individual. Both types of hate are based on fear. If you feared no one, you would hate no one. Hatin’ is about insecurities — extending your focus externally when you should be looking within. Hate is about stark fear. Hate is a powerful emotion in which one individual can go as far as wishing another bodily harm or even going as far as inflicting harm.

Whatever the case, hate takes a lot of energy sapping the hater of their psychic energy in the process. Ever notice that haters often suffer from physical and emotional discomfort and dis-ease. In fact, I would go as far as saying that hate is the ultimate state of dis-ease. LOL I like that!

Today, I’m going to try to help the haters amongst our midst, so haters? Please pay attention. And if we are honest with ourselves, I think we can admit that, while we may not be extreme haters, all of us have the potential to hate and sometimes we do fall into the trap of allowing others inhabit space in our heads for free. LOL!

So, gather ‘round children, listen to learn and learn to listen…

I want you to hate everyone you see today. Hate strangers, family, friends. Look at each person you meet today and generate feelings of hate.

Don’t slack! If you aren’t hatin’ then work at it! Hatin’ ain’t easy! Hate the woman in the car in front of you. Hate the next man who calls you on the phone. Hate the very next person you see — intensely.

As you’re going around generating all this hate, imagine yourself dying, right now, while hating. Hate, and then feel as if you are dying. Ask yourself the following question: Would you rather die a different way than hating?

How would you rather die?

Now, don’t tell me the answer to that question, live the answer to this question — offer the outlook in which you wish to die — from this moment on.

If you notice yourself slacking off, then, once again, practice being a hater — hating every person you meet. Really hate him or her, hating as hard as you can, and feel if this is how you want to die, in hate.

Relax and open up to be lived by the force of Love. If this feels difficult, then hate for just a moment in order to help you commit to how loving you want to be when you die, which could be right now.




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