The Kool Logic of Late Capitalism

¡Hola! Everybody…
I’m going to evolve into a “Safe Negro” — I mean! — a “Safe NegroRican”! This will entail a huge sacrifice on my part. My passion for facts and love for empiricism in discussing complex social issues with far-reaching consequences will have to be scrapped for whatever I can pull out of my (preferably unwashed) arse. Safe NegroRicans don’t wash their arses heck, we don’t even call them arses, we call them culos! So there’ll have to be some vigilance on my part. (Maybe some condescendingly compassionate white
person will take it upon his/ herself to smell my nicotine stained fingers to make sure my ass is just the right smell of shite?)

* * *

-=[ Kool Logic ]=-

The Cultural Logic 0f Late Capitalism, Frederic Jameson

— by Urayoán Noel

I hope this finds you in good health
(Or at least gainfully employed).
We’re here to discuss the hologram-self
In the era of the void.

Some say modern man is hollow,
Others say it’s a condition
Called “postmodern.” Do you follow
Could this use some exposition?

O.K. See the common graves
Rotting in the ancient cities?
The Fast food? The porous borders?
The ambiguous sexualities?

The debt-bludgeoned ethnicities?
The wars of chemical roses?
Cash flows from Utopian rivers
And the market never closes!

“This is the kool logic
Of late capitalism.”

In the Prozac marketplaces
People hoard new models of leisure;
Love has been deregulated:
Plastic breasts! Prosthetics! Seizures!

In the suburebs neighbors mourn
The death drive of their libidos,
Late summers full of soft porn,
Stolen Wonder Bras, torn Speedos.

“This is the kool logic
Of late capitalism.”

You can consume what you please:
From work music to new age;
Ricky Martin and John Cage
Are touring the Basque Pyrenees;

You can sing your song of peace
(Pop! Punk! Folk! Tribal! Assorted!)
But the violence will not ceasae,
Hate’s fetus can’t be aborted!

“This is the kool logic
Of late capitalism.”

Fiber-optic folderol!
Neo-gothic supermodels!
Satellites and virtual malls!

Vegan power lunch grand slams!
Word elites! Money-go-rounds!
Free will or free (pillow?) shams
In the global shantytown?

“This is the kool logic
Of late capitalism.”

NBTFA, Mercosur, Hamas!
DVDs and open mikes!
Watercross and motocross!
SUVs and mountain bikes!

Trailer parks! Gated communities!
High-rise ghettoes and favelas!
Acquired diplomatic immunities!
Self-help prophets! Braille novelas!

Mexico, Miami, Rio!
Euro-Disney, Bollywood!
Dell, Intel, Taco Bell, Geo!
Stanford post-docs in da hood!

I’ll stop fronting pedagogical…
One last question (extra credit):
This kool logic ain’t too logical
But it’s still “kool.” Do you get it?!

“This is the kool logic
Of late capitalism.”

[About Urayoán Noel (click here): Puerto Rico-born and Bronx-based performance poet Urayoán Noel has been delighting and confounding the enlightened masses since the late 1990s. Solo and as part of the rock band objet petit a, he has performed-sung-scatted throughout the U.S. and Puerto Rico, as well as in the Dominican Republic and Perú. His laugh-tracked new wave guarachas have rocked the rafters and/or emptied the room at the Nuyorican Poets Café, Bowery Poetry Club, Bar 13, Cornelia Street Café, Instituto Cervantes, and Roka Espacio.]

* * *




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