The Face of Falsehood

¡Hola! Everybody…
Okay, the night before last I was up all night preparing a presentation I was to give yesterday. I spent all day yesterday from 8:30 – 5:30 at an all-day, strategic planning session.


After, fled the coop and hung with my Friday Night Crew. By the time I got home, I was spent…

I have to work today, but I’ll be back later tonight. We’re hosting a totally politically incorrect (and most likely racist) WASP/ Safe Negro/ Safe Spic “Mixer” later tonight. If you’re one of those assholes who like to scream about prejudice but almost never have anything to say about racism, sit yo ass home! LOL! Please be sure to stop by with all your pre-conceived notions and stereotypes, all your racist leanings, as we plan a bonfire.

BTW, don’t you just love the bitches squawking about how Geitner (sp) and Daschle have tax arrears? Gee, I wonder where these moral hypocrites were when Bush & Cheney were torturing people, spying on regular Americans and journalists, shredding the Constitution, blowing the cover of a CIA operative, and basically on vacation when they were told an imminent attack on our soil was about to happen?

::blank stare::

I’m going to borrow a phrase from my friend Dee and simply say to these people:


::grabs balls for emphasis::

* * *

-=[ I know the Face of Falsehood and Her Tongue ]=-

— Edna St. Vincent Millay

I know the face of Falsehood and her Tongue
Honeyed with unction, plausible with guile,
Are dear to men, whom count me not among,
That owe their daily credit to her smile;
Such have been succoured out of great distress
By her contriving, if accounts be true:
Their dereference now above the board, I guess,
Discharges what beneath the board is due.
As for myself, I
d liefer lack of her aid
Than eat her presence; let this building fall:
But never let me lift this latch, afraid
To hear her simpering accents in the halls,
Nor force an entrance past mephitic airs
Of stale patchoulie on my stairs.

* * *




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