They Were Always on the Outside…

¡Hola! Everybody…
It’s in the 70s here in The Center of the Known Universe, and there’s a free salsa concert in the Bronx, plus all the street fairs in all the boroughs. Everybody will be outside today, enjoying the weather, shopping, listening to poetry or music, looking at art…

Fuck suburbia! LOL

I usually set Saturday’s blog aside for the aesthetic sense…

* * *

Yesterdays [no. 1]

They were always on the outside
not because there was no door
but because it was where they
long ago chose to live.

I couldn’t bring my world
to them, however I tried.

I could only extend the
invitation of an open hand.

Please replace me…
if you dare

Reach out for them…
if you care.

Listen to the silent screams
of these sad-eyed ladies

Share their finely tuned sorrows
when they join their pallid thin hands
with yours and guide you on their
journey to despair.

— Edward-Yemíl Rosario

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