Take a Stroll (Poetry)

Note: A dear friend of the family — a sister, I can say — sent me a sheaf of papers of some writings I had left with her over 30 years ago. I used to carry legal pads with me back then, and write my reflections in longhand. In this pile of papers were some poems, snatches of an essay on the short story form, and fragments of an uncompleted short story. The following was one of the poems I found in the group.

* * *


Nows [XVI]

Take a stroll outside of yourself tonight
and gaze over your shoulder.

You will see yourself
taller than yesterday,
smiling more,
and quieter
than in those early years.

Watch your hands
as they touch me

It all happened behind your back.

A smug comfort settled in
that says you need me less
but want me more.

Take a giant step back
and see yourself
as others do,
for you must someday
learn the delicate art
of viewing your reflection
in all those eyes
your beauty has moistened.

My name is Eddie and I’m in recovery from civilization…


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