Poems for Angry Romantics [You Wrap Your Secrets in Cellophane… ]

Hola mi Gente…

A friend just did a great thing for me — she bought me a bike as a belated birthday gift. Today I go to the store to pick it up! It’s hot and humid up here in the North and I hope to put in some beach time!

It’s Saturday and that means this blog is about art… This is one of mine.

* * *


Nows [no. 22]

Your cover is candor.

You wrap your secrets in cellophane,
and I follow these false tracks
of honesty with an invented innocence.

I’ve been collecting faulty clues
but I know the rules now.

I must discard your intimacies
and save instead your painful pauses,
those echoing silences that tell me
who you really are
by describing in desperate detail
who you are not.

Edward-Yemíl Rosario/ All rights reserved


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