Hola mi Gente,

I am going to do something affirming today. After venturing into the belly of the beast of the criminal injustice system (prisons), I need to do something to wash off the psychic toxins.

The following is one of mine…

* * *


Nows [XVIV]

Your sleep:
I have watched you wake —
a spectacle,
a spontaneous vision of honesty.

Your long legs
yawn open
and your arms reach out
for a missing star.

You are reluctant,
deserting your dream,
surrendering to the pink wound
of a new day.

And you reach out for me,
silently, without a plan,
and it is enough.

Your touching me
will always be enough.

It says what no poem
will ever say,
what no words could ever tell me.

* * *

My name is Eddie and I’m in recovery from civilization…


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