We have been screaming and moaning…

Hola mi gente,
All my poetry was written when I was in my 20s. I stopped after that, so the ones I share here are quite old. On another note, I think that if Rosario Dawson met me, she would fall madly in love with me. ::grin::

Nows [no. 12]

08-20-16_ We Have Been Screaming and Moaning [Nows, no. 12]_ 002

Actor/ political activist Rosario Dawson

We have been screaming and moaning
and grinding and groaning enough,
God knows.

Our prurient points have been made.
We are still a bit frightened
here in the horizontal,
you and I.
Connected and motionless.

So quiet now.
Soften yourself and listen.

To the symphonic pulsing of our blood,
the crash of an eyelid,
the joyous trickle of a bead of sweat.

Edward-Yemíl Rosario ©

* * *

My name is Eddie and I’m in recovery from civilization…


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