Imagen Latina

Hola mi gente,
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Today, I am sharing a poem that served as the inspiration for a song by the great Orquesta Libre.

Imagen Latina/ Latin Image


Indians, Hispanics and blacks
Came together to become
A race of all races
With a future to be won

To the belly of the beast
(As Marti called it here)
We have come to do battle
So we can work, so we can live

From Quisqueya* to El Plata
From Las Pampas to Havana
We are our blood, our voice,
Part of this American land

In the land of snow
Under the sun of the palm tree
Latino/as everywhere
Must find their own freedom

All the Americas are here
North, Central and South
In a time of struggle
For a future full of light

This is my Latin image
This is my new way of singing
To tell you my brother
Get together, now

 — Bermardo Palombo
(translated by Bernardo Palombo and Kurt Hollander)

Imagen Latina

Indios, Hispanos y negros
Nos vinieron a formar
Raza de todas las sangres
Y un futuro por lograr

A las entrañas del monstruo
Corno dijera Marti
vinimos, para esforzarnos
A trabajar y a vivir

Desde Quisqueya hasta El Plata
De Las Pampas a La Havana
Somos  sangre voz y parte
De esta tierra Americana

En el país de la nieve
Y bajo el sol del palmar
El latino en todas partes
Busca por su libertad

Americanos todos somos
El Norte, el Centro y el Sur
Con un presente de lucha
por un futuro de luz

Esta es mi imagen Latina
Este es mi nuevo cantar
Para decirte mi hermano
Busca y encuentra unidad

* * *

My name is Eddie and I’m in recovery from civilization…

*Quisqueya (or Kiskeya) is one of the names of Hispaniola believed to mean “mother of all lands” in the Taíno language. In the mid-19th century, Dominicans adopted the name for the Dominican Republic to differentiate themselves from Haiti. Nonetheless, it is used by both sides of the island.


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