Hola Mi Gente,
I didn’t watch the reality show spectacle called the presidential debate last night, but looking over the transcripts, I came to the following observation:

If you substitute “me” for every time Hillary Clinton said “American,” during last night’s pathetic debate, she would sound exactly like Donald Trump. That’s because for the Clintons “America” means what’s in their best interests and how they can use public service for personal gain.

Resentment and Forgiveness


We forgive not as an act we perform for others, but rather something we do for ourselves in order to move on and grow.


Imagine someone calls you an self-centered asshole. Immediately, you start thinking. How dare they call me a self-centered asshole? They have no right to call me a self-centered asshole! How rude to call me a self-centered asshole! I’ll get them back for calling me a self-centered asshole. And then you suddenly realize (if you’re even a little awake) that you have allowed them to call you a self-centered asshole another four times.

Let me wait a second to see if this sinks in… got it?… Okay.

Every time you remember what they said, you are reliving — allowing them — to call you a self-centered asshole yet again and that’s a major problem.

If someone calls you a self-centered asshole and you let it go (sooner rather than later), then it ceases to bother you. There is the solution.

The problem here being why allow someone to live rent-free inside our heads? Why allow other people to control our inner happiness?

My name is Eddie and I’m in recovery from civilization…


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