Winter has Come

Hola mi gente,
I had to write this quickly…  Welcome to Trumpland, welcome to twilight of the Empire.

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Clinton, along with other white, neoliberal feminists, attempted to manipulate the illusion of herself as a trailblazer for all women in her grab for power. This despite the fact that every policy she has advocated has disproportionately caused immeasurable harm to women the world over — especially marginalized Black, Brown, and Indigenous women.

And she lost… And the fault is hers and hers alone.

For over a year I have warned  that so-called “pragmatic progressives” had this election all wrong from the get. This election was about a legitimate and profound disappointment with a status quo that is crushing the working class. Trump manipulated that disappointment by playing to the crowd and offering a bait-and-switch scheme.

The out of touch, spectacularly ineffective Democratic party thought they could offer someone who could manage this dysfunctional state of affairs and the people, rightfully so, rejected it. The tragedy is that if the Democtatic Party had had the cojones, they could have tapped into the same middle class and working poor angst by getting behind a wildly popular, ground-up movement.

Imagine what today would’ve looked like had the vast sums of lucre and resources had been poured into a genuine people’s movement? Imagine if the Democratic Party had gotten behind those enormous rallies happening across he nation — tens of thousands of people from all walks of life clamoring to get behind a people’s power political platform. A platform that addressed concerns about a rigged economy, crushing student debt, a bloated and cancerous military budget, and corrected an insurance (not health) reform law that came straight out of an extreme right-wing think tank.

What the DNC did instead was to rig the primaries and then spit on that burgeoning movement. What the Democrats did was try to use fear of Trump to win an election. Ultimately, they stood for  nothing and justifiably got nothing in return. This demonstrates that the Democratic Party cannot be reformed or counted upon to do the work of the people it pretends to represent. This demonstrates the need for a movement that creates its own party — on that is responsive to the needs of the common people.

But that will never happen with the DNC because Trump is right: the DNC (and RNC) are totally beholden to their corporate masters. Shit, cockroaches poll higher than these congress critters.

So what’s next?

I plan to tackle that tomorrow.

My name is Eddie and I’m in recovery from civilization…


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