Sunday Sermon [Social Economics]

Hola mi gente,
Another week, another round of interviews. Hope your week goes well.

Economics of Kindness


Tobacco Road, by DuvallGear


Once at a famous business school, a professor gave a remarkable lecture on social economics to his graduate class. Without saying anything, the professor carefully placed a glass jar on his desk. Then, as the students watched, he brought out a bag filled with stones and placed them in the jar until no more would go in.

The professor asked the students, “Is the jar full?”
“Yes,” they replied.

The professor smiled. From beneath the desk, the professor produced a second bag, this one full of gravel. He took the bag and shook the smaller stones into the spaces between the bigger stones.

Again the professor asked, “Is the jar full?”
“No,” they answered, now on to his trickery.

Of course, the students were correct for the professor produced a bag of fine sand and managed to coax much of the sand into the spaces between the stones and the gravel in the jar.

Again he asked, “Is the jar full?”
“Knowing you, professor, probably not!” a student seated at the back of the class joked as the class laughed.

Smiling, the professor brought out a small jug of water, which he poured into the jar full of stones, gravel, and sand. When no more water fit into the jar, he put the jug down and looked at his class.

“So what does this teach you?” he asked his students.
“That no matter how busy your schedule,” one of the students answered, “you can always fit something in!” It was a prestigious business school, after all.

“No!” thundered the professor. “What it shows is that if you want to get the big stones in, you have to put them in first.”

It was a lesson in priorities.

If you want to get to the “precious stones,” you have to make sure you schedule them first, or you will never get around to them.

What are the big stones in your “jar”? What is the most important fit in your life? Will you find space for the precious stone of kindness?

My name is Eddie and I’m in recovery from civilization…

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