Flowery Combat

Hola mi gente,
I wrote this so long ago… it reads a little dated, I guess. Some of this finds its way into my short stories.

On another note, my good brother in the struggle, Patrick, is currently fighting to save his eyesight. Because we live in a society that values the market more than his eyes, he’s had to open up a GoFundMe page so he could afford an operation that can save his eyesight.

Please consider helping him click here

Nows [no. 1]


Butterflies and Hurricanes, Arianne Dreessen

How could they possibly have known —
all those dear, dead ladies.

The masochists, the crazies,
the stalkers, hedonists,
suicides and the lost…

That they were blindly serving
one solitary purpose:
to be my basic training,
an endless apprenticeship
preparing me for your
final assault on
my frontline?

And how could I possibly have known
that all my martial arts
would fail me
against the flowers and laughter
that were your forward troops,
the outstretched heart
of your army?


My name is Eddie and I’m in recovery from civilization…

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